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Existing Resources – Agog at the Blog!

This blog passed the 1,000 views mark today and I would like to thank everyone who continues to check in for updates on the Seattle Passive House Project.    They are delivering roof trusses this week and  I’ll update the blog shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, I bet you would be interested in the results of the “Name That House” poll.  Drumroll please………… Fred is winning at 3 votes!!! Seriously!  Of course there were several alternate names offered and here is where the votes have gone.

Fred – 3

Courtland Place Passive Palace – 2

Courtland Place Passive Project – 2

Seattle 1 – 1

The Passive Pride of Courtland Place-1

Foamhenge – 1

Seattle Green House Project – 1

Courtland Passive – 1

Courtland Passivhaus – 1

Thanks again for reading the blog – if you’ve been following along, but have not yet subscribed to get the updates emailed to you as they get posted, you can join by signing up on the right side of the page and responding to the confirmation email that gets sent to you.

Coming up – Raising the roof; What’s High Tech about Low Energy Use?; Semicolons – do I use them correctly or will my Grammarian write me out of the will?



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Seattle Passive House – When I grow up I want to be…

It has occurred to me that I have not shared pictures of what the final project will look like.   The West elevation will face the street.

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Seattle Passive House – A man, a Plan… it's Dan taking a stand – Panama*

*Note to self – remove “Palindrome Writer” from resume.

Dan and his plans will be taking a stand on February 24th at the next Passive House Seattle meeting to be held at the Phinney Neighborhood Association, Room 3 (in the upper blue building) from 5:30-6:30pm (conveniently just prior to the 7-9pm Eco Building Guild meeting held in the Community Hall that is in the lower building at the same location).  The address is 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle WA 98103.

Dan will be discussing his passive house project which is coming along nicely.  If you are in the area please stop in – Dan is great at describing his project.  If you want a preview, click on the link to the video that is being made about the project then scroll down to see Dan  Be sure to check out the other videos on that page that are being made as part of “The House That Saved The World” project too!

I hope to see you there!


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Seattle Passive House – One Pump, Two Pump, Dead Pump, New Pump.

There was a bit of excitement the day the slab went in.  Dan had arranged for a boom pump to place the concrete in the forms, but the concrete became jammed and was unable to be pumped out.  After an hour of trying another pump was called.  At the two hour mark the second pump arrived and it was much bigger – so big in fact that Dan had to quickly prune a tree at the front of the property so that the pump arm could swing under the power lines and over the tree in order to be able to place the concrete.  The skill the operator exhibited while swinging the pump arm around was incredible.

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Seattle Passive House – ET* Foams Home

Here's a hoop for Dan to jump! (Public domain image)

Dan the *Enviro-Tamer had a pretty big hoop to jump through when he went to the City of Seattle for a building permit for his Passive House.  He wanted to use structural foam underneath the load bearing portion of his foundation, but that use had not been permitted in Seattle before on a residential project.  Armed with a lot of research from Insulfoam (the structural foam manufacturer), the backing of his Structural Engineer Carissa Farkas, and a lot of persistance, they made a few requested tweaks to the plans, everyone was satisfied and the permit was issued.

This was a very critical step in Dan’s project. 

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