There was a bit of excitement the day the slab went in.  Dan had arranged for a boom pump to place the concrete in the forms, but the concrete became jammed and was unable to be pumped out.  After an hour of trying another pump was called.  At the two hour mark the second pump arrived and it was much bigger – so big in fact that Dan had to quickly prune a tree at the front of the property so that the pump arm could swing under the power lines and over the tree in order to be able to place the concrete.  The skill the operator exhibited while swinging the pump arm around was incredible. Finally the pump was in position and… the concrete became stuck in it as well.  After about 15 minutes of banging on the joints and taking parts off the concrete started flowing – which was good because the first truck load had an accellerant added to it because it had been cold earlier.  Working quickly the concrete was placed from both trucks with smiles all around.

A few days later I checked back in to find the  foundation wrapped with the plastic and the sill plates going down.  Scott the plumber sent me pics the day the Larsen trusses were set – thanks Scott!  Thanks for the pic Scott!You can see the walls will be deeper than normal to allow for additional insulation.   I swung by the next day to find the rain gone and the hole for the storm drain had been dug.

Next up – more framing.


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