I love the concept of Existing Resources. Take what you have and preserve it or adapt it. Given enough thought a new life for an old something can create an even newer concept. In communications we have gone from word of mouth and town criers to the internet and bloggers. It’s still passing on ideas and news, just differently. In the world of building we have gone from building with new materials to restoring old places, to dismantling them to become something else. Now we are looking carefully at the cost that building has to the world at large and trying to make a sustainable change for the better and one way we share those ideas is visually through the internet.

For 234 years this country has been adapting and changing, examining what is important and searching to make a better way that benefits its citizens while considering its position in the world at large. It’s not always been easy since we declared our independence, but the one thing that we have relied on as a country is that our Constitution and its’ Bill of Rights has granted us rights that we hold dear.  The world can watch us debate and disagree and stand up for each others’ right to do so.  What an enduring resource our founding fathers left for us.  Happy Birthday USA!

The “Stars and Stripes Forever” march, written in 1896 by John Phillip Sousa is an Existing Resource that has been adapted to create a new visual concept to be presented on the internet.  The different instruments are represented by different colored lines and the length of the notes is represented by the length of the bars.  Enjoy!


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