I want to let you know about another Passive House project here in Washington State.  Jesse Thomas  of Terrapin Architecture has his house well underway and underwraps for the rainy season on Washington’s peninsula.  I have posted a short announcement and a link to his project at the new http://PassiveHouseProjects.US website.

I have taken all the information from the PassiveHouseProjects.Wordpress.Com blog and transferred it to a website format instead.  To make things even better for people wanting to learn about Passive House – I have made PassiveHouseProject.US a member of the PassiveHouseCentral.US community of websites.  You can click straight through to the Projects website or start at http://PassiveHouseCentral.US to visit the Projects website or 10 others.  I have been hard at work getting content posted on the different sites and will be continually updating them.  Think of PassiveHouseCentral.US as a hub to a world of Passive House information.


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