Dan is getting close to a  Passive House milestone – insulation goes in later this week.  In preparation for that cloth baffles are being placed on the Larsen Trusses so that when the insulation gets blown in there will be some control of where it goes.  Here we see Dan’s wife Hillary tightly stapling the baffles into place.

As you can see from the next photo, there is access between the floors at the sill plates.  You are looking up to the second floor from the first floor.  (Note that Hillary did NOT staple the baffles on that bay or it would have been tight 😉  Insulation will be blown in from the upper floor into the lower floor.  Dan and his crew will install the OSB downstairs over the face of the Larsen trusses, but upstairs there will be additional fabric placed over the face and the insulation blown in before the OSB gets installed on that floor.  The OSB will be the airtight layer for the house and once that is installed and the whole building sealed Dan will be ready for a MAJOR milestone – the blower door test!  But first, the wall insulation, OSB, attic insulation, taping all the joints, sealing any openings remaining… still plenty of work left to do!

In the meantime, here is a view of the front and back with some siding and color.  It is really looking great!

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