Friday the roof trusses arrived at the project from The Truss Co of Sumner WA.  The truck was levelled and the boom was raised.But no worries – you have to look at the right perspective!

The trusses were hoisted into place and the next phase of construction began. The project has been very lucky with the weather this winter compared to other parts of the country, but this is still Seattle and it is important to get a roof on as quickly as possible to keep the project as dry as possible.  Moisture is one of the worst problems to deal with on any construction site.  Excess moisture in the proper conditions can lead to mold growth and warping of materials.   Passive House construction focuses on healthy environments for the residents.  Being diligent at all phases of construction will help the project achieve this goal.  In this last picture you can see where Dan stacked lumber and tarped it inside the building.

[LATE BREAKING NEWS] With one person changing their vote to FoamHenge and another vote mysteriously being emailed to yours truly, FoamHenge has surged to tie Fred as the name of the project.  We will strive to bring you the latest in the Name That Project Brew-Ha-Ha hahaha (Why do I think alcohol was involved in arriving at some of these names???)


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